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Excellence in physical therapy depends upon the therapist's ability to pinpoint the root causes of the patient's problems (which are not always where the symptoms are) and to treat them with the knowledge and skill required to optimize  function and to facilitate healing as much as possible.

Photo of Martha PlesciaMy goal as a physical therapist has always been to achieve as excellent an outcome as possible with every patient. This is the reason that I have continued to take courses and to study throughout my career.  I have worked hard to deepen my base of scientific knowledge, to broaden my repertoire of techniques, and to refine my hands-on skills and patient-teaching abilities.  It's been my passion and my hobby!

I went into private practice specifically to be able to take the time necessary to provide optimal treatment for each patient at every session. This includes time to teach patients all that they can do for themselves in order to speed progress and to maintain improvements.

Mine is a solo practice, with no employees. While this means that you might get voice-mail rather than a person when you call, it also means that as a patient you will be in a private setting with virtually no interruptions and that you will have the same experienced physical therapist 100% of the time.

I invite you to read Treatment Approaches to see more specifically what I offer, and to give me a call.  I look forward to hearing from you!


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